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Spring Cleaning: How To De-Clutter Your Home


A Comprehensive Guide for a Happy Home This Spring

If your house still feels like it’s stuck in winter’s eclipse as the crocuses pop their heads out of the ground and the birds fly north again, then it may be time to start your spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is the yearly scramble to reset your home after a long winter. But it can be overwhelming to try to de-clutter your entire home all at once.

Instead, start by taking inventory of what needs to be done, going room by room. If your to-do lists start to get long, don’t get overwhelmed or discouraged. Your spring cleaning doesn’t need to be completed after one weekend — you can stretch the tasks out over a few weeks so that everything gets completed without any stress.

Create a spring cleaning calendar so that everything gets done in good time. Before you begin, invest in new storage spaces and organization units. As you clean each room in your house, store or discard all items you don’t use regularly. Items that you do use regularly — like TV remotes, pens, and other useful nick-knacks — should go in organized drawers so that they are out of sight but still accessible.
spring cleaning your home

Cleaning Up the Bathrooms for Spring

Tackle the bathrooms first to get you in the spring cleaning zone. Wipe down the walls and use strong cleaning supplies in the sinks and tubs. Let the cleaning agent sit for a few minutes as you load your bath mats in the washing machine, but hold off on running the machine until you have your linens from the bedroom. After 20 minutes, rinse everything starting with the highest point, the shower head.

Tackle the toilet with the same vigor as the sink and shower. Use glass cleaner on mirrors and windows. Finally, sweep and mop the floors. Make sure to wash all wipes and cloths before using them in other parts of your house.
spring cleaning your home

Sparkling Clean Bedrooms

Once the bathrooms are clean, you can move on to bedrooms. Use a vacuum and wipes to clean the walls and clear them of dust and cobwebs. The Spruce notes that the key to preventing scratches caused by the vacuum is to use a vacuum brush attachment. Dust all of the surfaces in each room, including trim and molding. You may need to move your bed out into the middle of the room—trust us, it’s worth it.

Throw drapes, sheets, and other linens into the wash with your bathroom linens and run the load. Wash window treatments and the insides of your windows with glass cleaner. Make sure you open your windows to let some fresh air start circulating.

The last step will be to shampoo your rugs and carpets. Apartment Therapy recommends using a mixture of salt, borax, and vinegar on visible stains. They also recommend renting or investing in a steam cleaner in order to avoid using harsh chemicals. Store heavy winter blankets in blanket trunks or a linen closet in order to minimize clutter.


If you are trying to finish your spring cleaning in just one day, stop for lunch and hydration right before you hit the kitchen. Then move on to your fridge and freezer. Throw away old food, uneaten leftovers, and expired condiments from your fridge. Then empty your fridge completely for a scrub down before putting away the remaining food.

Disinfect and degrease all appliances next. Cleaning a gas stove can be a little tricky, but The Maids suggests using baking soda or vinegar to remove the film of grease from burners.

Dust the insides and outsides of all cupboards, drawers, and cabinets. Then sweep, vacuum, and mop the floors. Go through any stacks of paper and all of the catch-all spaces, discarding everything that you no longer need and filing important items.

Living Room

spring cleaning your home

Do a thorough dusting of all furniture, mantles, window sills, TV and other electronics, light bulbs and ceiling fans. Wash furniture upholstery — if you have tough stains on couches or chairs, you can spot clean using the same solution you used on the rugs. You can also vacuum and lint roll couches and chairs. Wash windows and clean window treatments.

You can run a separate load of laundry for area rugs, throw blankets, and other linens you may have in your living room. If you have a fireplace, sweep it. Then move onto carpets, cleaning them the same way you cleaned the carpets in the bedroom.

Outside the Home Gets a Cleaning, Too

Plan to tackle your home’s exterior the weekend after you do the interior; that way, you won’t get exhausted. If you have a garage or tool shed, this is where you should start. Take any outdoor appliances that no longer work to the dump in order to clear up some space. Use this time to rake up soggy leaves and check your gutters and roof.

Take Your Home by Storm This Spring

When you methodically go through your home, deep cleaning and de-cluttering, the organization tends to happen naturally. As you clean each room, discard items that you no longer use. Any items that are cluttering up visible surfaces should go into closet organizers and drawers so that all surfaces feel free and minimal.

At the end of your clean sweep, take a deep breath. You will feel more relaxed and more energized when your home is clean and organized. Now bring on the spring weather!

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